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I think it is the best language learning programme I've ever done. It’s given me a lot of confidence for my year abroad, and to not fear speaking to strangers in another language. These have also been really nice people; I hope I will remain friends with them! Thank you, and i would love to help out in any further steps of the programme.

Jacob Farrington

University of Exeter

This is a great way to improve confidence and fluency. All the natives are easy to talk to and try their best to support you throughout the sessions. I would recommend this service to anyone wanting to improve their speaking and listening skills in a target language.

Alice Brooks

University of Surrey

This trial was a really enriching experience. From just 6 sessions, I feel more confident in speaking French and have learned lots of new vocabulary. Having conversations with a variety of French people was great. The atmosphere was relaxed, and I felt encouraged and was given useful advice from the native speakers.

Hannah Hall

University of Exeter